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Top 10 Not-to-Miss HR Blogs


We’re so glad you’re here reading our blog, but today we wanted to share some of the blogs that we frequent for our edification and amusement. Whether you’re wondering about Obamacare compliance, implementing a BYOD policy or exploring recruiting strategies, it’s helpful to check out a few expert opinions to guide you. Here are 10 HR blogs that we like to check out each week to see what these human resources pros are talking and blogging about:

[title size=”3″]Creative Chaos HR[/title]

New York HR pro Victorio Milian’s blog features the “HR Interview” where he queries HR managers and directors about how they got started in the industry and discusses current business trends and concerns. In addition to the interviews, Milian discusses social media in particular and also provides a number of free resources for those new to HR.

[title size=”3″]Steve Boese’s HR Technology[/title]

This technology-centric blog (duh-you can tell by the name) addresses a wide array of HR issues as well as incredibly apt info on trends in human resources technology. You can also check out the HR Happy Hour podcast. And if that’s not enough – you can also enjoy Boese’s barbecue sauce recipe and grilling tips!

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[title size=”3″]The Tim Sackett Project[/title]

Sackett’s expertise is talent and recruiting, but he’s got a broad knowledge base, a master’s in HR and is an SPHR, so he knows his stuff. He blogs frequently about hiring issues, peppered with info on worker engagement, retention and a host of other HR issues. Sackett’s writing is humorous and easy to digest, but chock full of excellent advice.

[title size=”3″]HR Capitalist[/title]

Kris Dunn is the Chief Human Resources Officer for Kinetix and shares his educated expertise on HR practice, recruiting, technology, performance management and a whole host of topics perfect for HR Generalists from novice to top of the heap. His blogs are never dry and are occasionally interspersed with riffs on random thingsthat are well worth reading.

[title size=”3″]Evil HR Lady[/title]

You’ve got to appreciate the Catbert vibe of her blog URL, but Suzanne Lucas is far from evil. In addition to writing timely blogs on current issues and offering links to must-read industry pieces, Lucas frequently answers email requests for help and advice in blog form to employees, HR pros and small business owners like this recent missive to a SMB owner on outsourcing HR.

Evil HR Lady

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[title size=”3″]HR Minion[/title]

Shauna Moerke is an HR pro with a Master’s and PHR certification who embraces “minionhood.” Her blogs are insightful, cover a wide range of topics and offers advice that’s on the level, often hilarious and spares you tedious industry jargonr in favor of putting the humanity in human resources. And best of all, Moerke’s a fan of Invader Zim which I see as an allegory on management delivered in animated form!

[title size=”3″]HR Bartender[/title]

Tune in to Sharlyn Lauby’s blog for the name alone and stay to enjoy what she serves up – a cocktail of blogs,advice to readers and videos. Lauby’s writing is casual but serious and includes quotes, citations of business and HR theory and hyperlinks to supporting materials for further exploration. What’s nice about the blog is that it covers not only HR topics, but also timely business issues.

Busy blogging

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[title size=”3″]Omega HR Solutions[/title]

Mike Haberman has decades of HR experience, is an expert in compliance issues and a college professor at the University of Georgia and prestigious Emory University teaching HR. In addition to frequent blogging, Haberman hosts HR webinars and teaches certification classes. Not sure when this guy rests, but I’m glad he doesn’t. There’s tons of great info such as this recent  post on the Affordable Care Act.

[title size=”3″]HR Ringleader[/title]

Trish McFarlane is a hardcore corporate HR guru with human resources experience in Big 4 public accounting and global business. Her blogs are a nice blend of social media, employee relations, workforce solutions, productivity and tons of other relevant and interesting topics. McFarlane blogs on a near-daily basis and if that wasn’t enough, she co-founded the HRevolution conference and the Women of HR blog.

Cynical Girl HR tweet

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[title size=”3″]The Cynical Girl[/title]

Come to Laurie Ruettiman’s blog for the HR and career advice and stay for the cats! She’s top-rated by CareerBuilder and CNN as a career advisor. Opinionated, controversial, funny and always on-point, Ruettiman’s blog is as enjoyable to read as her sage advice is valuable. And don’t forget the cats – this post on National Hairball Awareness Day had me ROTFL.

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